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Guru Fisika Bertaraf Internasional

Guru Fisika Bertaraf Internasional

The Language of Sciences

Sentence Patterns that Indicate Cause and Effect

(a)Because of / Due to} X, there is Y.


(b)Because of / Due to}X, Y happens.

X{affects / influences} Y.


Y{ is affected / is influenced}by X.

(c) X{causes / produces / results in }Y.


Y{is caused / is produced by / is a result of / is due to}X.

(d) When / If / Because}there is X, Y happens.
(e) X is {the cause of / the reason for}Y.

Scientific Presentation Presentation skills are essential to effective communication in the field of science. In this article we will examine the factors that contribute to successful scientific presentation.

Presentation: A Definition

The best definition of the term comes from Morrisey & Sechrest (1987:2): "A presentation involves the preparation and delivery of critical subject matter in a logical and condensed form, leading to effective communication."

Types of Presentation

There are various kinds of presentation however in the field of science most students will be concerned with the following:

  • Persuasive. Convincing your audience to follow a particular course of action.
  • Instructional. Showing others how to perform a specific task. An example of this type of presentation would be a laboratory demonstration.
  • Informative. Presenting new findings or information. In the scientific community this form of presentation is commonly found at international conferences.

Practical Work in Science: Laboratory Experiments

Compiled by Marina Canapero


Albert Einstein demonstrating his theory on gravity in the context of a scientific experiment. Here Big Bang was discovered: "Gravity could change the curvature of space-time"

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