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Fisika Untuk Universitas

Fisika untuk Universitas

Ditujukan untuk meningkatkan kualitas proses dan hasil perkuliahan Fisika di tingkat Universitas

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Well, the goal is to introduce the student for the first time to physics. That is to say calculus-based physics. Many students have already had some of that in high school, but many have not. And 8.01, the first course of physics covers Newtonian Mechanics which is at the heart of the course.

Depending upon the lecturer, we also cover Fluid Mechanics a little, and we cover a little of the Kinetic Gas Theory. Well, this course is a general Institute requirement. You either have to take this course or you have to take one that is slightly higher level which we call 8.012. We evaluate the students through traditional exams. The lectures are given in the main lecture hall of MIT, 26-100. And then the students meet in small groups with professors. We call those recitations, which is largely problem-solving. I would like to think that every lecture is an event. And, where possibly, I go outside the standard curriculum.

Ucapan Terima Kasih Kepada:

1. Para Dosen MIT di Departemen Fisika

a. Prof. Walter Lewin, Ph.D.

b. Prof. Bernd Surrow, Ph.D.

2. Para Dosen Pendidikan Fisika, FPMIPA, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

Terima Kasih Semoga Bermanfaat dan mohon Maaf apabila ada kesalahan.

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