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Guru Fisika Bertaraf Internasional

Guru Fisika Bertaraf Internasional

Technological Man

Man's relationship to machines

Invention and Innovation: A guided tour through history to discover how Man has managed to improve his world through his own genius (graded 2,3).
The Global Information Society: A Chronicle of the Future of Technology.
An Extract taken from The European Newspaper's Special Report on the Ce BIT98 16-22 March, 1998.
'Nation Shall Speak Unto Nation...and Do Some Deals' (graded 3,4)
Will my PC be smarter than I? Once we learn how to map the brain and make computers fast enough to simulate it, all bets are off (BY RAY KURZWEIL) (graded 4)
Nanotechnology: the 'little big science' to come. (graded 3,4)
The future of the motor engine: How technology in the future will help man to protect and safeguard his environment. Let's examine two possibilities: the hydrogen engine and the hybrid engine. (graded 3,4)
Bits & Bytes: Structured online lesson for students of mathematics, computer science and information technology
Guglielmo Marconi: radio star: A 5-part story featuring the life of Marconi and the history of the radio with interactions and worksheet (graded 4,5)



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