Senin, 24 November 2008

The Next Generation Mobile Education


Arif Nurahman


It is sometimes intimidating for students to ask questions in large lectures, and it is often hard for the professor in the classroom to gauge how well students are grasping the material.


To distribute personal digital assistants (PDAs) to students during large lectures so they can communicate and share information with faculty in real time.


The Next Generation Mobile Classroom puts handhelds to work solving some problems inherent in large lecture classes. Once each student enters the lecture hall, they log in with their special-use PDA and can see an outline of that day's lecture, type questions anonymously (these come up on the screen of the teaching assistant and are fielded at his or her discretion) and take mini-quizzes that help the instructor see if everyone understands the material. Outside of class, students can use the device to hook up with other students for study groups or to see vital class-related information such as when the final exam is scheduled. (Partial source: Senebian & Quantum Study Club, E-Learning Sebuah Keniscayaan )

"Imagine a classroom where the professor's lecture slides show up on screen as soon as he/she enters. Where students' homework grades display in the palm of their hand. Where everyone participates in lecture by taking mini-quizzes; and where the answers are tallied and feedback appears right before their eyes. Imagine a classroom where assignment dates are automatically integrated into students' calendars. And faculty contact information is entered directly into their address books. Imagine a classroom where study groups are organized at the touch of a button. Where lecture text is synchronized with slides for hearing impaired students. And where students can ask questions without disturbing the flow of lecture. This is the vision of the Next Generation Mobile Education." (Source:

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